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Fiber Cleaver Blade High Precision 16 Surface FTTH Fiber Optic Cable Cutting Knife Replacement Blades Stripping Cutter Tools



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Rotating Blade Number: 16;
Coating Diameter: 250um - 900um;
Cutting angle is less than 0.5 degree;
Blade Life Time: About 48000 times;
Applicable Cleavers: Fujikura:CT-30, CT-30A, CT-30B, CT-32, CT-38, CT-20, CT-20-11, CT-20-12; Swift: HTC-20; DVP :DVP-730,DVP-105; Jilong: KL-260,KL-280,KL-300,KL-21B; Inno: V7, V7+, V8;

High precision in positioningGood wear resistance with a long lifetime.High precision in cutting with an all-round mirror surfaceBlade:16 cut positions

Specifications :

Wavelength: 650nm±10nm;
Material: Alloy;
Blade size: 20(outside diameter)mm * 2(thickness)mm * 4(inside diameter) mm;
Weight: 0.01kg / 0.022lbs;

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  • Model: CUT
  • Manufacturer: Karono Inc.

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