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24 Fiber MTP/MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cables

The MPO-24 connector is perhaps the most cost effective method to deploy both parallel and duplex fiber optic applications. With twenty-four fibers in a single connector it providesadditional density versus three MPO-8 connectors or two MPO-12 connectors, and expedites the cleaning and inspection time associated with the installation of the MPO systems.  The method B trunk cables manage the port polarity in a similar fashion to the MPO-8 and MPO-12. The cross connection of MPO-24 trunks provides much higher port densities, reducing panel space requirements by 3:1 compared to MPO-8 and 2:1 compared to MPO-12. In high density applications, the trunk cable size is often a consideration as well. A 144-fiber trunk cable using MPO-24 subunits occupies approximately 30 percent less area than the MPO-12 equivalent. The 24 fiber MPO connector is able to deliver three individual 40G links. This includes a single 100G link, or a 120GB link using QSFP+ & CXP transceivers.

  • The most efficient connector/trunk combination providing lower per port deployment costs
  • Lowers the number of connectors required in a system along with the cleaning and inspection costs associated
  • Enables smaller cable diameters and reduces pathway fill requirements
  • The superior choice for density with more ports per panel that any other MPO option

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