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A3 UV Printer, Portable Versatile Automatic Inkjet UV LED Flatbed Printing Machine with Rotary for Flat/Cylinder 3D Embossed Leather ID Card Cell Phone Case Glass Metal Surface Printing


3-year Warranty,Paypal Money Guarantee, DHL logistics delivery, Professional after-sales help installation and Use


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【Fast Shipping&Newest LED UV Printer Technology】
---with the DHL "Expedited Shipping",you will get your item in 5-7 days. UV inkjet flatbed printer breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, and can direct printing without pre-coating, heating or any pretreatment. It adopt the latest LED cold light technology, no radiation, low printing material surface temperature & no deformation.

【More Function】: ①Print unlimited with rotary; ②Automatic Height Correction, can automatically adjust the height of the product and the nozzle to achieve the best printing effect; ③Adopt the latest LED cold light technology, no radiation,low printing material surface temperature & no deformation . ④ White ink circulation system equipped. Decrease problem caused by White ink precipitation.

【Fast Print & Efficient Productivity】The finished product can be obtained in 2-5 minutes by applying UV printer technology. Can be mass produced, short process flow, after printing is finished, NO need for steaming, post-treatment processes such as washing; Flexibility, customers can print it out in a short time after choosing a plan.

【Safety&Environmental】: Not using water, no sewage, UV printer is controlled by computer. On-demand inkjet, neither waste. No noise is generated during printing. Achieve pollution-free green production process. Helps companies save personnel costs.

【Warranty & 24/7 Support】: Warranty is Three-year [Ink-contact parts (or parts damaged by ink) are not guaranteed]. We have a dedicated technical team which can help you with configuration and remote installation and training.


A3 UV flatbed printer is the ideal solution for DIY customied printing on the products, which is a multi-functional LED UV flatbed printer and was built with industrial configuration. Automatic detect UV curing system, 6 colors and max 5760DPI×1440DPI printing resolution. Can print on all kinds of surfaces, available in 3D textured and raised printing, suitable for printing on both rigid and flexible material, like phone cases, metal (aluminum, copper etc), alloys, mirror, gifts packaging (wood, carbon paper, metal), tablet cover, USB sticks, DVD disc, industry signs, badge, plastic card, PVC, glass, wood, paper etc.
-Automatic Printhead height adjustment
-Intelligent scratch resistance system
-Unique lateral loading platform design
-Control on Demand system, LCD screen control panel
-Fan cooling control system
-Ink dry instant UV LED System
-Continuous ink supply system

Technical Specs:

Print head: EPSON R1390
Max. Printing resolution: 5760DPI×1440DPI
Max. Print Size: A3(297*420mm)
Maximum bottle size: Diameter*150mm
Diameter range of printable bottle: 60-150mm
Printing Speed: Photo mode: 111s/A4 size
Printing software: UltraPrint
Print interface: USB2.0
Ink channel (printing color): 6 colors CMYK LC LM or CMYK+WW(White and Varnish)
Ink drops: 1.5pl
Ink supply system: CISS (circulation ink supply system)
Unique Head Cleaning System: Automatic Maintenance Processes
Operating System: Window XP/ 7 / 10 ( Not compatible with MAC)
Working Environment: Temperature 5-35 Celsius Humidity 20-80RH
Power: 110/220V 50-60HZ 35W
Printer Size: 750x630x540mm (L*W*H)
Length required for machine work: 870mm
Printer Net. Weight: 121.25lbs (55kg)

Product List:
1x A3 UV printer
1x U disk or CD including operating video/ UltraPrint Software/ Driver
1x power cord
1x data cable
1x sensor
1x ink cartridge carrier

Plastic: Acrylic, ABS, PVC, PP, PE, PU, etc.
Fabric: Cotton, nylon, polyester, spandex.
Leather: PVC leather, PU leather, real and artificial leather.
Metal: Gold, silver, copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy.
Others: Wood, bamboo, crystal, glass, ceramic, stone and so on.

1. Because our products are self-delivered, DHL logistics delivery, import duties will be incurred and you need to pay your own. If you cannot clear customs, please do not place an order.
2. In addition, our warranty period is 3 years. The print head and waste ink pump are not guaranteed. If they are damaged, they need to be purchased by themselves.
3. Please do not pre-process the machine by yourself, contact me, I will arrange after-sales to help you install it as soon as possible.
  • Model: KRUVP01
  • Manufacturer:Karono Inc.

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