About Us


Karono is an industry leading manufacturer of high performance cabling and connectivity solutions, who designs, manufactures and sells direct attach MTP/MPO fiber cables and optical transceivers (10G/40G/100G). We focus on the development of high reliability and cost efficient interconnect solution, providing the best-of-breed copper or optical modules for customers in areas such as cloud computing, data centers, data communication, long-distance transmission, wireless access, etc.

Mpofibers.com is an official online store of Karono Inc. It offers one-stop Datacenter solution and products, including compatible Transceivers, DAC cables, AOC cables, Fiber Optical, Patch-cord, CWDM/DWDM passive/active systems, Network Adapters and more.

As a commitment to offering high-quality, reliable and customized products, Mpofibers.com develops and tests new products to meet the growing Data Centers and High Performance Computing market needs. We guarantee only premium materials and quality engineering are used in the designing and manufacturing for the fiber and cooper products of Mpofibers.com and the whole production process are under the highest quality control.

Quality Assurance 

Karono quality philosophy: Meet the international standards in terms of service, quality and consistency for providing world class products and services to meet our customers' requirements. The quality assurance system is maintained at all levels within the Company and throughout the entire life cycle of our products and services.